Philips air fryer test and reviews

We tested the Phillips air fryer without oil

Yes yes, it exists. Launched by Philips, the model aims Air fryer junkies frying conscious online.

A “modern and healthy alternative to traditional frying”. Of course, curiosity one shudders to read the description of Airfryer launched by Philips. We tested it and have this review

How it works (without oil)?

No miracle, we must indeed a little fat for your potatoes! If for a package of industrial chips, you do not need to add (they already contain), you will have revenge in your home cut potatoes soak up about 1/2 tablespoon. It is then a very hot air wind golden fries, using a fan, a grill and a tank bottom in a star shape.

In practice, what happens?


Using the machine is very easy, even if the animal seems imposing and heavy at first. Just plug, check the cooking time recommended to choose the thermostat. To launch the “Healthy Frying”, simply switch on the timer.

By cons, if you are wrong in your cooking time, do not expect to change course. Bonus: the basket and the tank can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Are the good fries?

Yes, the less fat. Perhaps you will succeed even bluff your friend (e) a fan of fries. That said, they recall the taste and appearance of fried bake. And learning the cooking time is not easy: you have to put at least 300g of chips, 700g maximum in the pan (or 2 large cones at McDonald’s) and provide the correct cooking time -between 9 and 14 minutes for frozen.  It is also really good mix and shakes back and forth mid-cooking pan. Under penalty of having this second batch of fries, this time home, charred and molasses both.

It’s cooked with other foods?

It’s like the microwave: Heat can be there a lot of stuff, depending on the recipe book. But the result will not necessarily be up to it, as evidenced by our yogurt cake, cooked in spite of time and temperature indications provided by the user manual. So, we preferred to transfer the cake in an old oven. We therefore recommend the machine for cooking quiches, cakes: not easy to find a mold size pan. Instead, nuggets, hash browns, breaded fish sticks are pampered by the Airfryer. As for the interest it cooks steak or chops, uh, we do not see.


So, Worth to buy it?

If you have a family that consumes fries regularly is a good idea. If you are anguished at the thought of approaching a pool of hot oil is also a good idea. But if are already equipped with an oven, no, it is no longer. Consider also to past potatoes under the broiler, it’s delicious … healthy.If you still confuse,read a review is necessary to get the best air fryer for your home.

The Air fryer in summary

We love

  • The design gives the appearance of a friendly robot Airfryer.
  • The use, very easy.
  • Noise, discreet enough.
  • The lack of odor of burnt fat and hazards associated with hot oil.

We do not like

  • The weight and dimensions of the machine.
  • The price, 200 Euros.
  • Failure to cancel or correct its cooking time, lack of a flexible timer.
  • The obligation to cook a minimum of 300g of fries.


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Exercise for asthma patients

Being physically energetic promotes a healthy life. However, people suffering from asthma often get out of exercise because doing exercise can lead to attacks. You can call this type of asthma as Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA). Patients can control its symptoms by coming after a useful management program and should stop physical activities.

1. Advantages of exercise

Just as people have a lot of benefits from sports, asthma patients can have too:

– Strengthen bones and muscles

– Keep advised body weight

– Advance the body’s immune system

Asthma patients can do exercise to improve physical and mental health. That produces the states of being healthy, comfortable and happy. Except for keeping the suitable body weight, exercise can help prevent harmful conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, raised blood cholesterol level, diabetes, and raised blood pressure and other.

2. The types of exercise

Certain factors can cause asthma attacks if patients don’t do actions exactly. These parts are the duration, intensity, and type. In general, the intensity of an activity lasts about six minutes in the dust, dry, and cold air could cause an attack.

Asthma patients feel comfortable with exercises in a short period of doing, such as wrestling, volleyball, baseball, walking, aerobics, cycling, and biking. They also can swim in a moist and warm environment, which make muscles exercise effectively, lose weight and build endurance.

Patients should not do sports which need a long period of playing in too low or high temperatures, such as running, soccer, ice skating, ice hockey and others.

Experts suggest a half hour of exercise in one week. However, it’s the best to follow recommendations of their private doctors.

Before beginning an exercise plan, patients must know following factors:

+ Keeping their asthma limited. If it’s unlimited, doing exercise could be very dangerous.

+ Once many people play outdoor sports or doing at gyms, it’s necessary to keep themselves safe from asthma attacks including smog, dust, pollen and others.

+ Build an appropriate exercise plan following the instruction of doctors.

+ Patients should be on medication according to the doctor’s recommendation. If they have breathing problems, it’s necessary to prepare tubes for inhaling medicine into their lungs or have bronchodilators fifteen minutes prior to exercising.

+ Warm up before start any exercise. It’s also important to cool down after finishing a lesson. Don’t stop the activity suddenly. Decrease the number of movements gradually.

If patients experience EIA, they should:

+ Stop the exercise immediately

+ Follow an asthma exercise plan as suggested by their doctor which normally relates a quick medication of breathing relief

+ Remain in 4 to 5 minutes

+ They can resume exercise if symptoms don’t occur again. If they have this again, they must stop activity immediately during the day. It’s also recommended to have a meet with their doctor.

There are a lot of benefits for the physical and mental health if asthma patient practice exercises correctly. Thus, they should maintain appropriate activities to reduce asthma pains and other symptoms instead of avoiding exercise.

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Risks of outdoor recreation

Every outdoor sport comes with the own result of accidents and risks creating situations which are expert and dangerous on a group or individual to think of survival skills, mental toughness, and physical endurance.

When we are keen on to learn more about outdoor activities and try hard to go through training and get experience, it’s fairly important to recognize and take warnings so that playing activities can become enjoyable and safe.

Safety precautions

– Every leisure activity or sport has the own safety measures and guidelines, just like every ailment or illness has a special remedy. Likewise, basic safety rules direct activities relying on the type of exercise involved – sailing, hiking, racing etc. are great risk activities. Therefore, You should learn survival kits and essential safety to respond better to different emergencies.

– It’s so easy to find safety guidelines directing every sport, particularly in difficult competitions that will increase following every season, and involve special conditions of environment and nature which are changeable.

– Some common safety precautions include carrying compatible communication tools, dressing in suitable clothing, direction finders, packing nutritional complements and telling friends or family members about the intended activity, itinerary, and duration. Making a schedule maintain contact with these people during your exercise, especially for a long period of vacation, is an excellent life saver.

List of dangerous circumstance

Look through the following conditions to know more about what form a dangerous situation and solutions for these circumstances.

– Unfamiliar or hazardous route or terrain: finding expert advice is a necessity.

– Being lost: carrying compasses and maps is a large safety advantage.

– Harsh climates: knowing weather updates previously is desirable so that bad conditions like the sandstorm, fog, heavy rains etc. don’t stop the progress.

– Your existing medical diseases like vertigo, heart ailments, diabetes, breathless, asthma, allergies etc can become stressed by wrong outdoor sports.

– Topical damages like insect bites, burns, frostbite, lacerations, falls or bruises can trigger harmful reactions and lead to life-frightening situations.

– Special activities may relate to unexpected experiences and attacks from wild animals that can become dangerous and harmful, because they may cause viral diseases.

– Some people can suffer from digestive infections by consuming food or water from polluted sources.

Essentials things

Trail climber, hikers, and mountaineers should carry these essentials things that will be helpful in many situations. These are eye protection devices, insect lotion, sunscreen, map, knife, headlamp, fire starter, first aid kit, water, food, clothing, and compass.

Except for these standard things, people can expand their list depending on their special destination and favorite. However, technological and scientific advancements have hugely increased safety with modern and improved tools and equipment. Reviews to the below list have developed a systematic method to solve situations. The list can improve like this:

– Shelter: bags, tents, blankets

– Firestarter: waterproof lights

– First aid stock: medicines

– Hydration: hydrating solutions and water

– Insulation: appropriate clothing

– Illumination: powerful flashlights

– Navigation: GPS devices

– Repair tools: emergency equipment to instantly reassemble and repair

– Sun protection: headgear, sunglasses, sunscreen

If you are planning to start outdoor sports in the coming days, these basics will become very useful to your trip. Just follow these suggestions and enjoy your nice adventure.

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Select the Type of baby seat

If you have your own babies at home would you consider giving your baby the best love and care that he is supposed to receive? Your answer must be yes. Of course, as a responsible father and a mother, you will do everything that your baby desires. You will give all the best just for your baby to feel that he is loved and cared. That is what a baby needs because as he grows older, he can later on realize that he has the best dad and mom. You will later on be appreciated and receive the love from your babies.

When it comes to the things that you need to give to your babies, it must be chosen well. Do not simply buy anything that you can find in the market. You have to be meticulous when it comes to the products that you need to buy so that you can get the best quality and the best experience for your baby. The babies might be that small and tiny, so he can’t make any complaints at all about the things that you buy for him, but that does not mean that you should take him for granted.

Have you ever considered the type of baby bean bag chair that you would like to buy for your babies? Choosing the type of baby bean bag chair is also a must to consider because the quality and durability of the bean bag chair depend on what filling is made up of. It could be made up of polystyrene beads or the foam.

There are types of bean bag chairs that is made of polystyrene beads. Should you choose this type of baby bean bag chair? Those polystyrene beads are also called as Styrofoam, so in this type of filling, plastics are mixed and combined with chemicals to produce EPS that is heated to expand. When it comes to the plastic used for the polystyrene beads, it could be recycled or virgin. Polystyrene is actually an excellent factor in recycling plastics, so you can be sure about its quality and comfort.

Another type of baby bean bag chair are the ones made up of foam fillings. This is not just an ordinary type of foam. It is a high density foam that gives comfort to the babies while on the baby bean bag. When you buy a foam filled baby bean bag chair, it is still sealed. After breaking the seal, the foam will spring up and it will go to back to its regular shape.

Other types are the ones with a mixed filling of polystyrene beads and some pieces of foam together. This can also be one of the best quality because two fillings come together forming an excellent filling for the baby bean bag chair.


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Steps in planting a tree

In this post, you can know the useful instruction and problem of planting the specimen tree and shrub that will define their survival for the coming years.

Something to think about before planting

– When you think of planting any tree or shrub, the first step is determining a place to seed it. Some neighborhood and zoning associations have laws about types of plants you can grow and the place you can put them. Also, think of the property lines and legal rights. Watch the location to see an amount of sun trees can get. That will be an important factor in choosing your tree.

– All trees at garden centers have tags which specify things like shade or sun requirements. They will also show the dimension of each mature tree or bush so you can estimate the appropriate distance between your trees and overhead wires, landscaping, fences, or buildings. You also can see information about a gardening zone of each tree. You should choose plants from the local center to get trees capable with the climate of your area. Planting a native tree is the easiest and best option.

– It’s the best to plant a tree in the early spring or fall, so it has enough time to become accustomed to new conditions and climate before the harsh weather of dry summer or winter.  You will also easily get an ideal option for plants in garden centers at these seasons. If you live in warmer areas, you can plant trees in the winter, fall or any time you want.

While these steps focus on gardening trees, the primary instructions for choosing, placing and seeding shrubs are similar.

Steps in planting a tree

When you have decided the locations and trees, you can follow the direction of planting below.

– Firstly, you should think of the distance of your location. Once you want to plant on a slope, it’s essential to level the place to maintain the appropriate depth for all roots of the tree. Then dig a hole with two times the size of these roots and a precise of a container. Make the soil loose at the base and other sides of this hole.

– Secondly, when you dig a hole, you need to keep the naturalized soil for the backfill. A tree will grow better because of the native soil that contains all good nutrients of nature. You also should check the depth of this hole again by momentarily placing the tree and its container in it. After testing, you pull them out and pour water in the hole for the moisten soil.

– Thirdly, separate the tree from the container by cutting the cover on both sides. Keep the tree in place by the roots and the soil surrounding them. Gently loosen roots to make them grow better. Ensure that you keep the trunk straight and the roots totally inside the ground.

– Fourthly, fill entirely the roots with soil. Gently pack the soil in the hole to take air pockets away.

– Finally, add mulch on the hole to keep moisture and save the roots from cold climates.

It’s spring now, and you can start planting your trees to get a beautiful garden in your house. That not only increases the beauty and value of the house , but also provides an ideal playground for your children and other family members.

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How to control the appropriate humidity level in your house

Many homeowners think that dehumidifiers are the best solution for the average humidity level inside their houses. They need to remove excessive moisture in the air, which will keep walls and other furniture clean and prevent fungus in their places. However, it’s a serious problem that your house has too little mist in the atmosphere. That is a reason you will need the help of humidifiers or a whole house humidifier.

1. The humidifier is an essential device indoor

In this article, you can learn how humidifiers work inside the house and why they are necessary for a healthy place. Most homeowners will feel shocked when they know many things will be destroyed for lack of moisture in the atmosphere. Thus, let’s look through the problems that too dry air will affect your health and house.

You will have health problems

– When you consider dry air inside your house, you may ignore the importance of it. However, too dry air have a bad effect on your place and also your health. For instance, when the air is too dry, you or your family members can have problems as dry noses, itchy and cracked skin. Many people get sore throats or their issues become seriously painful and annoying when they live in dry areas.

– If you or one of your family members, especially your baby, are having these problems, you will need humidifiers or a whole house humidifier in your house. People who stay in a dry area too long will get symptoms of seasonal allergies and asthma. Certainly, there are more issues that will affect your life and house.

The furniture indoor become worse

You must take measures concerning health problems as well as your furniture inside the house. For instance, your wall is having peeling paint or chipping plaster. If you have wood furniture, floors, or walls in the house, they can start cracking or become split. People have noted that it’s certainly painful and shocked to see all things inside the too dry area. Thus, you should take a good care of the house with one or a few humidifiers.

2. The humidifier can create a healthy place

It’s necessary to control the humidity level indoor. Simply raising the heat in your house won’t increase moisture in the atmosphere. That is a good way to keep the place warm but it’s not efficient for the humidity level. Some people believe that daily chores can add moisture to the air, such as taking a bath, cleaning, and cooking. However, the fact is that moisture won’t increase because of these activities. If you are living in the area where the winter lasts too long, your place will have more opportunities of expanding colds and problems relating that throughout the winter.

You can prevent this problem with a simple solution that is setting humidifiers indoor. You also can buy one whole house unit that a professional can help install into your cooling and heating system. That will increase moisture to your place and make your life become more comfortable and healthier.

Just buy a humidifier to build a healthy place for you and your family. This is a simple way to protect your property and health.

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Test 5 best semi-professional chainsaws with reviews

Here are the reviews for specific chainsaw products.

Stihl MS 210 C-BE

ms201cePower: 35.2 cc

Weight: 10.6 lb (4.8 kg)

Length: 16 inches (37.5 cm)

Noise: 102 dB

Price: $ 290

Advantages: We are old school loggers. We like to start our saws with a jerk. So it took us a few tries before succeeding with the starting system “Stihl 2 Easy Start System.” And besides, we accidentally drowned the engine. Rather than jerk the rope, you should slowly pull the starter handle, which was the spring tension mechanism and then releases it. Once we got used to it, we have come to love this gadget with the choke (choke) integrated switch “On / Off” and the throttle lock. Although classified for casual users, this saw for works like a professional product.

Disadvantages: It is a little expensive.

Rating: 5/5

Husqvarna 450



Power: 38.2 cc

Weight: 10.4 lb (4.72 kg)

Length: 16 inches (37.5 cm)

Noise: 103 dB

Price: $ 220

Advantages: Easy to start. A reasonably fast saw with good insulation against the vibration of the handle. Slightly slower than the Solo or Poulan saw, and almost equal to the Stihl. The best chainsaw to buy.

Disadvantages: Not much to say.

Only that you need a screwdriver to remove the air cleaner cover and the spark plug. You can potentially lose the screw.

Rating: 5/5

Poulan PP3516AVX


Poulan PP3516AVX

Power: 35 cc

Weight: 13.5 lb (6.2 kg)

Length: 16 inches (37.5 cm)

Noise: 103 dB

Price: $ 140


Advantages: The Poulan Saw offers great cutting speed and power for a saw to such a low price. It cuts almost as fast as Solo, the fastest of the group. It is possible to stretch the chain without tools, making its operation very easy. It is to fold the handle on the clamping and rotating.

Disadvantages: The Poulan has frequently arrested but we can adjust with the idle speed. Given the way the saw worked well, we think this is a flaw that could be corrected under the warranty.

Rating: 3/5

 Solo 636


soloPower: 36.3 cc

Weight: 9.3 lb (4.2 kg)

Length: 16 inches (37.5 cm)

Noise: 100 dB

Price: $ 305

Advantages: A compression release button is usually located on large two-stroke engines, but Solo has one, which contributes to its fast and safe start. The saw offers other simple functions like a key that works on the head bolts and spark plug. Although the filter cover and the spark plug require a screwdriver, the screw is captive and cannot be lost. Solo turned out to be our fastest saw, while being light and well balanced. It is perfect for limbing and trail maintenance.

Disadvantages: the designers of the saw were badly drawn, the starter grip that is too small. Gasoline and oil caps are also poorly designed. They are distracting details for such an expensive product.

Rating: 4/5

McCulloch MCC1635AK

mcculloch-cs-420t-5ccf832c_50a346dc31c34Power: 35 cc

Power: 12.3 lb (5.6 kg)

Length: 16 inches (37.5 cm)

Noise: 103 dB

Price: $ 140

Advantages: Our preference is always for professional equipment, but it is always good to know that you can get a good price for a chainsaw. McCulloch is clearly designed for light work and commuter wood chores. It worked reasonably well, except for the big logs. We also liked its ease of access to the air filter and the large starter handle.

Disadvantages: It would do well to make the operation of the least recalcitrant choke and improve the quality of the air filter material. It should also improve the sustainability of this model.

Rating: 2/5

If you want to find more information about chain saw,i suggest this chainsaw reivews .

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