Philips air fryer test and reviews

We tested the Phillips air fryer without oil

Yes yes, it exists. Launched by Philips, the model aims Air fryer junkies frying conscious online.

A “modern and healthy alternative to traditional frying”. Of course, curiosity one shudders to read the description of Airfryer launched by Philips. We tested it and have this review

How it works (without oil)?

No miracle, we must indeed a little fat for your potatoes! If for a package of industrial chips, you do not need to add (they already contain), you will have revenge in your home cut potatoes soak up about 1/2 tablespoon. It is then a very hot air wind golden fries, using a fan, a grill and a tank bottom in a star shape.

In practice, what happens?


Using the machine is very easy, even if the animal seems imposing and heavy at first. Just plug, check the cooking time recommended to choose the thermostat. To launch the “Healthy Frying”, simply switch on the timer.

By cons, if you are wrong in your cooking time, do not expect to change course. Bonus: the basket and the tank can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Are the good fries?

Yes, the less fat. Perhaps you will succeed even bluff your friend (e) a fan of fries. That said, they recall the taste and appearance of fried bake. And learning the cooking time is not easy: you have to put at least 300g of chips, 700g maximum in the pan (or 2 large cones at McDonald’s) and provide the correct cooking time -between 9 and 14 minutes for frozen.  It is also really good mix and shakes back and forth mid-cooking pan. Under penalty of having this second batch of fries, this time home, charred and molasses both.

It’s cooked with other foods?

It’s like the microwave: Heat can be there a lot of stuff, depending on the recipe book. But the result will not necessarily be up to it, as evidenced by our yogurt cake, cooked in spite of time and temperature indications provided by the user manual. So, we preferred to transfer the cake in an old oven. We therefore recommend the machine for cooking quiches, cakes: not easy to find a mold size pan. Instead, nuggets, hash browns, breaded fish sticks are pampered by the Airfryer. As for the interest it cooks steak or chops, uh, we do not see.


So, Worth to buy it?

If you have a family that consumes fries regularly is a good idea. If you are anguished at the thought of approaching a pool of hot oil is also a good idea. But if are already equipped with an oven, no, it is no longer. Consider also to past potatoes under the broiler, it’s delicious … healthy.If you still confuse,read a review is necessary to get the best air fryer for your home.

The Air fryer in summary

We love

  • The design gives the appearance of a friendly robot Airfryer.
  • The use, very easy.
  • Noise, discreet enough.
  • The lack of odor of burnt fat and hazards associated with hot oil.

We do not like

  • The weight and dimensions of the machine.
  • The price, 200 Euros.
  • Failure to cancel or correct its cooking time, lack of a flexible timer.
  • The obligation to cook a minimum of 300g of fries.


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