Exercise for asthma patients

Being physically energetic promotes a healthy life. However, people suffering from asthma often get out of exercise because doing exercise can lead to attacks. You can call this type of asthma as Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA). Patients can control its symptoms by coming after a useful management program and should stop physical activities.

1. Advantages of exercise

Just as people have a lot of benefits from sports, asthma patients can have too:

– Strengthen bones and muscles

– Keep advised body weight

– Advance the body’s immune system

Asthma patients can do exercise to improve physical and mental health. That produces the states of being healthy, comfortable and happy. Except for keeping the suitable body weight, exercise can help prevent harmful conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, raised blood cholesterol level, diabetes, and raised blood pressure and other.

2. The types of exercise

Certain factors can cause asthma attacks if patients don’t do actions exactly. These parts are the duration, intensity, and type. In general, the intensity of an activity lasts about six minutes in the dust, dry, and cold air could cause an attack.

Asthma patients feel comfortable with exercises in a short period of doing, such as wrestling, volleyball, baseball, walking, aerobics, cycling, and biking. They also can swim in a moist and warm environment, which make muscles exercise effectively, lose weight and build endurance.

Patients should not do sports which need a long period of playing in too low or high temperatures, such as running, soccer, ice skating, ice hockey and others.

Experts suggest a half hour of exercise in one week. However, it’s the best to follow recommendations of their private doctors.

Before beginning an exercise plan, patients must know following factors:

+ Keeping their asthma limited. If it’s unlimited, doing exercise could be very dangerous.

+ Once many people play outdoor sports or doing at gyms, it’s necessary to keep themselves safe from asthma attacks including smog, dust, pollen and others.

+ Build an appropriate exercise plan following the instruction of doctors.

+ Patients should be on medication according to the doctor’s recommendation. If they have breathing problems, it’s necessary to prepare tubes for inhaling medicine into their lungs or have bronchodilators fifteen minutes prior to exercising.

+ Warm up before start any exercise. It’s also important to cool down after finishing a lesson. Don’t stop the activity suddenly. Decrease the number of movements gradually.

If patients experience EIA, they should:

+ Stop the exercise immediately

+ Follow an asthma exercise plan as suggested by their doctor which normally relates a quick medication of breathing relief

+ Remain in 4 to 5 minutes

+ They can resume exercise if symptoms don’t occur again. If they have this again, they must stop activity immediately during the day. It’s also recommended to have a meet with their doctor.

There are a lot of benefits for the physical and mental health if asthma patient practice exercises correctly. Thus, they should maintain appropriate activities to reduce asthma pains and other symptoms instead of avoiding exercise.

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